MARCH 20 - MAY 13, 2014


Artists Talk: Tuesday, April 8 / 6:30-8p

Peter Bahouth, Gregor Turk and Paul Hagedorn 

moderated by Edward Hall

Birth of A Red Planet Peter Bahouth

Birth of A Red Planet

Peter Bahouth

Bound Gregor Turk


Gregor Turk

Peachtree Battlefield Paul Hagedorn

Peachtree Battlefield

Paul Hagedorn

ATLANTA - Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to present MEN AT WORK: CONSTRUCTIONS, a selection of multimedia works by Atlanta artists Peter Bahouth (b. 1953), Paul Hagedorn (b. 1957) and Gregor Turk (b. 1960). The exhibition announces the gallery's expansion beyond its concentration in contemporary photography to multimedia, performance and installation art, and sculpture. To mark this change, Hagedorn Foundation Gallery will be transitioning to its new name "Suite 25 Gallery". 

MEN AT WORK's common threads feature masculinized tokens of guns, rockets, and monuments and include the inferred theme of the hero’s journey, whether local, global, cosmic or imaginary. Variably, each artist reflects on the implications of American excess and transgressions of structural power, inviting the viewer to participate in these processes of exploration utilizing tongue-in-cheek retro, interactive and mechanistic tropes.

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Clubhouse, 24" x 29", C-Print, 2010

Clubhouse, 24" x 29", C-Print, 2010

ATLANTA - The Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition ofThe Permian Extinction, a combination of previous work and new images by Brooklyn based photography, performance, video and sculpture artist Bryan Zanisnik (b.1979), whose work concerns the origin of identity through family, thus the American family narrative, and the wider culture's preoccupation with consumption, fetishization and the hoarding of spectacle objects.

Zanisnik's compressed, claustrophobic images, created by his use of the 100 mm lens to shoot room sized installations in sections, and then stitch them together via computer, reference the truths and absurdities in the works of Freud, the Dadaists, Philip Roth, Stanley Kubrick, Jean Luc Goddard, Marcel Proust, James Joyce and Pink Floyd, among others. In his studio, the journey of the modernist hero ends not in achievement, but in humiliation and defeat: overwhelmed by the excessive American constructions of material desire and the false values of accumulating trophies of the western world. The aggressive spatial relationship of his images are gorgeously Baroque and visually overwhelming in their chaotic logic and lack of hierarchy. His work is uniquely decadent, humorous, sculptural and cerebral: both authentic and artificial vis a vis our world today.

Bryan Zanisnik (b. 1979, New Jersey) earned his MFA from Hunter college in 2009, attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine, and has a BA from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey (2001). He has shown internationally in China, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary and Indonesia and in the United States in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, the Queens Museum of Art, New York, and the De La Cruz Collection, Miami, among many other venues. He was the 2013 grand prize winner of the DUMBO Arts festival in Brooklyn, New York. Zanisnik is currently completing a commission for ICA/Philadelphia, which opens in May.