Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to present works by three award-winning photographers: Claire Rosen (b. 1983, New Jersey) Guillermo Srodek-Hart (b. 1977, Argentina) and Steve Aishman (b. 1975, Michigan) whose images examine the affective power of sheer presence and the inscription of cultural history that impacts us all. Whether working in vintage studio set ups (Rosen), the historical Argentinean countryside (Srodek-Hart) or the domestic world of urban Atlanta and social media today (Aishman), each artist focuses on human stories as both the silent, intimate expressions of a way of life and vehicles to examine the splendor of insignificant objects in vibrant color and detail.

STEVE AISHMAN. Love comes in many colors. So do love notes. Steve Aishman’s work displays a permanent state of romance in which shopping lists convey as much love as a sonnet. People don’t send love letters anymore, but they send text acronyms like personal coded messages. DM Me CILU. The series The Aishmans displays the latest of 16 years worth of daily notes that the artist has written to his wife. Also on display are Aishman’s photographs of frozen moments of domesticity that are allegories for the passions we all find in the everyday existence we share with loved ones.

Aishman graduated from Princeton with an AB in Astrophysics in 1997 and received his MFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University, Boston in 2001. He has received numerous awards for his work and most recently had a solo show at the prestigious JCCAC in Hong Kong.

CLAIRE ROSEN is known as a photographer whose whimsical imagery is inspired by fairy tales, fables, and other children’s stories. For Birds of a Feather, Rosen presents birds posed against complimentary vintage wallpaper. The resulting optical illusion of visual blending is reminiscent of Victorian optical illusion postcards in which the image of the bird can either be seen as a flat part of the wallpaper or as a bird posing in front of the wallpaper. The optical illusion presented by Rosen speaks to the birds’ ability to either stand out from their surroundings or blend into the walls without being noticed.
The visual relationship presented in Birds of a Feather between the birds and the wallpaper serves as the beginning of the discussion about how people see themselves in their environment. Some of the birds appear to be posing, as people would, to try and stand out from their surroundings and draw attention. Other birds turn their back to the camera and seem to want to use the wallpaper to camouflage themselves. In both case, Birds of a Feather opens a dialog about the relationships between animals, humans and interior design.
Rosen graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006 with a BFA in photography. She received a liberal arts AA degree from Bard College at Simon’s Rock in 2003. She has won numerous awards for her work. In both 2012 and 2013, Rosen was included on the Forbes 30 Brightest under 30 list for Art and Design.
Claire Rosen is sponsored by Hahnemuhle USA.

GUILLERMO SRODEK-HART drives deep into the Argentine countryside to tell human stories by pointing his camera at the spaces in which people have lived and worked on a timescale and agenda separate from the familiar, contemporary urban life. Srodek-Hart’s images speak to authentic lives, as the large-format images are filled with traces of human presence, built-up over decades. The interiors of bicycle shops, bars, restaurants-on-the side-of-the-road, butcher shops and other places where time seems to have stopped reveal both visible and invisible elements.
Stories is an inherently collaborative project as Srodek-Hart speaks with the owners of the spaces and shares with them his stories. When asked, “Why aren’t there any people in your photographs?’ he answers ‘Look closely, they are all over the place.’ Ultimately, his images of interior spaces become a metaphor for the transience of all human existence and the stories we leave behind.
Srodek-Hart graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University, Boston in 2004 with a BFA in photography and received his MFA from Mass College of Art in 2008. Srodek-Hart has received numerous awards for his work and has exhibited internationally, most notably in the 55th Venice Biennale.